Why choose your wallpaper at Publisher

Here at Publisher we want to implore people to re-think wallpaper. Choosing wallpaper shouldn’t be a daunting or permanent change. 

Designed in house every roll of wallpaper is hand printed and hand trimmed to order, using high quality non-woven paper and specially formulated with inks mixed in house. The paper is made with synthetic and natural fibers blended together, which means it is breathable, wipeable and tear resistant. The breathability means vapors won’t become trapped between the wall and paper, eliminating the problem of mold or mildew.

Personalised and bespoke

Everything is done by hand locally in Sydney. From design, making our wallpaper ink from scratch to hand printing the design. When you order your wallpaper with us you know that what you are getting has been specially hand printed just for you.

We offer a bespoke colour service here at Publisher. Each of our designs are customizable where you can choose from our extensive ink bibles or dream up your own perfect colour scheme. We wanted to give our customers the opportunity to create personal and unique wallpaper. 

Our water-based inks mixed in house are free of hydrocarbon, making it safer for you, the environment and us.