The Rum Corps Wallpaper – Green Shimmer – SAMPLE

This stylised sugar cane design takes its name from the disreputable crew of brigands that overthrew the NSW governorship of William Bligh in the infamous 1808 Rum Rebellion.
With money being in short supply in the early settlements of NSW a complex barter system developed, with rum being the most sort after method of pay. The NSW Corps became heavily involved in this barter system, earning themselves the Rum Corps nickname.
In an effort to control the rum trade ‘Bounty’ Bligh was brought in as governor, unfortunately he met his match in John Macarthur. Macarthur had risen to power while serving in the NSW corps and now controlled a considerable amount land and rum in NSW. For 2 years Bligh attempted to impose order on the colony and take down Macarthur. His efforts lead to him being hauled out from under his bed and arrested in Australia’s only every successful military coup.

REPEAT TYPE: Straight Drop

Our wallpapers are hand printed and hand trimmed to order by us in our Leichhardt studio.
Lead time is 2 weeks from order date.


Sample size is 30cm x 70cm

Please note our samples are precut and intended for color matching purposes, so while they should contain all the colours of the pattern, they will not include full a repeat.