Passionflower – Delysia on Linen – SAMPLE

Print: Passionflower
By Mark Cawood

Fabric Width: 135cm
Fabric Weight: 180gsm
Hand printed in our studio in Leichhardt as a 5-colour print on 100% linen.

Suitable for: Clothing, curtains/blinds, lampshades, tablecloths, craft

Sample size is approx 14cm x 20cm.



Passionflower is a rich, bold print that turns any wall into a scene as decadent as it is dynamic. This stunning 5 colour design, depicting a passionfruit vine in full bloom is Mark’s first wallpaper design to be drawn entirely digitally. Traditionally when designing a wallpaper print Mark will draw or paint most of the elements by hand, then use programs such as illustrator to then bring them together into a balanced repeating pattern.