Alien Nation – Blend on Lime Green Cotton Drill – SAMPLE

Print: Alien Nation
By Ben Adams From Freak Street

Fabric Width: 145cm
Fabric Weight: 195gsm
Hand printed in our studio in Leichhardt as a 3 colour blend print on 100% cotton drill.

Suitable for: Clothing, curtains, lampshades, tablecloths, craft, soft furnishings, light upholstery

Designed by Sydney artist Ben Adams, Alien Nation pays homage to the golden age of 1950’s Science Fiction movies. Cinema screens were filled with terrifying aliens from across the galaxy, radioactive Kaiju from beneath the oceans and Monsters created by man’s own hand. Often made on shoestring budgets, these outrageous, ambitious, and often unintentionally hilarious films inspired legions of lifelong fans, packing out midnight screenings of movies like Invaders from Mars and It! Terror from Beyond Space. These beloved B-grade films hold a special place in cinema history. So, here’s to the Sunday afternoon specials and late-night double features, to the rubber and the paper mâché, to the Kaiju, the Morlocks and the monsters. Here’s to the fans and their love that never dies.


Sample size is approx 14cm x 20cm.


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