Javed got his PR + new website!

We are back! We hope everyone had a great New Year and holiday period. We’ve been a little quiet on social media as there has been lot’s of things happening behind the scenes that we can’t wait to share with you all soon!

Having said that, we only have the best news ever…(Insert lots of happy GIFs)

After 8 very long years Javed has finally got his PR Visa approved!!! It’s been a very long and tedious journey to get here but it’s finally happened and we couldn’t be happier. Publisher wouldn’t be Publisher without Javed and this means that everyone’s printing still gets done 🙂

More news; if you’re reading this right now then you’re actually on our BRAND NEW WEBSITE! Our new website has a bunch of functionality that we needed in order to keep growing that our previous platform did not have. If you’ve ever been on our previous website on a mobile you would’ve seen how incompatible it was (pictures all over the place, out of proportion pages and don’t even get us started on that footer!!). Our new website will be much more user friendly and functional.

We’re working on some AMAZ-ing new clothes at the moment so stay tuned but for now that’s all from us!

Enjoy the long weekend all.


One thought on “Javed got his PR + new website!


    Hi Mark,
    I ordered a 1 kg pot of metallic gold ink and paid $49 via PayPal on 16 December.
    Please give it a push.
    On the far more important Javed front – congratulations on 8 years of sustained pressure..

    Jack Brilliant
    Brilliant Silk

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