C.M.G Loves publisher

Picture a room sultry with lust, a soft leather chair draped in cast-aside silk resting in front of gilded 60s block patterns, a night of Black Jack and glamour finished with a martini-scented casino-room romp…

Or imagine yourself sliding into silken sheets, the scent of the fresh blooms beside you, book in hand, surrounded by delicate vines of flowers and fruit transporting you to a summer’s garden in blushing pastel, wilding nature lulling you.


A joyous romp into a fantasy realm, the latest wallpaper release from Publisher Textiles billows with steel-tipped whimsy, Slavic folklore, Greek goddesses, and an expertly curated collection of classic films, forming an elegant prism that focuses on powerful, passionate, wild women. 

Referencing Gone With The Wind, The Iliad, The Great Gatsby, Under The Cherry Moon, and Picnic at Hanging Rock, this evocative new collection by design duo Claire Granville and Stephanie Isaac-Newton depicts gossamer moths, giant poinsettias heavy with blooms, tangled passionfruit vines, ornate 20s carousels and rich botanicals flush with fat bees in an intriguing new light.

Regal in crowns, fairy-tale swans flock across silvery tints in homage to Odile and Odette, the swan princesses; Marie Antoinette eating cake in satin and silk is curlicued in art deco, while hand-painted Waratahs named for Rebecca settle next to teasing Miranda St Claire erotica and Gatsby 60s block-prints.


This is wallpaper that wears unique like chunky bling, but in its palette of delicately sensuous silken hues, the collection has a far deeper resonance. Purposefully layered, with a dimension and complexity that is otherworldly, each design is a sensory experience, a story to be told. Ink, paper, pattern and meaning are layered into a palimpsest – what you see is informed by the light, the time of day, where you stand, or simply how you feel.

Muted, nuanced and exquisitely beautiful, each colourway is inspired by the dappled light and shadows of our quintessentially Australian perspective, a story of the senses that evokes powerful feelings of nostalgia and grandeur, with sweet hints of ginger madeleines, spiced teacake and sugared almonds.

The stylised complexity of the collection is thanks to the rich heritage of the designers. Publisher’s Head Designer Mark Cawood, acclaimed film and TV Production Designer Granville and Publisher’s Colourist Isaac-Newton. The trio met on the set of June Again, where they conspired to create wallpaper that captures the nuances of our contemporary Australian story.

Granville and Isaac-Newton have gone on to create a range subsumed in a velvet lushness that whispers of excess as loudly as it does the comfort of memory.


Swapping collaborating with cinematographers and directors for bespoke wallpaper seems to suit Granville, her rich stories folded into each incarnation, her skill evident in every angle.

The love of story is shared by Isaac-Newton, who honed her colourist skills working with First Nations artists, collaborating with regional and interstate art centres to bring these work and stories to life.

The duo explain that this collection “is all about creating spaces that beckon you in, be it to curl up with a book and a cup of tea, or to host a chic cocktail party dolled-up in your finest… Weaving colour, texture, form and light, we wanted to create contemporary interiors that are whimsical, spaces that people remember, that evoke emotion and memory, while being caught in the senses.”

As accomplished as the women they honour, Granville and Isaac-Newton are storytellers, unravelling myth and fantasy to weave eclectic beauty into every room. Aptly called CMG loves Publisher, this collection asks each of us to find our own story, to create a narrative that reflects us as interior statements in the rooms we love.